Tax Credit Calculator

Use this handy calculator to find out how rehabilitation tax credits will impact your project - and then contact us for an offer on your tax credit business.

To use this calculator, first select the credit type, then enter your project costs and see how much equity rehab tax credits could bring to your project. Then enter your project details in step 3 and in step 4, submit the form so that our tax credit experts can contact you.

Step 1: Select type of credit desired:

(select one): 20 percent     10 percent

Need help deciding? Learn about the Federal Tax Credits on our basics page or in our in-depth Rehab Tax Credit Guide

Step 2: Enter Project Costs:

Note: Potential Qualified Rehabilitation Expenditures (QREs) are indicated with a *

Development Budget Project Costs
Acquisition Cost $
Site Work $
Hard Construction Costs * $
New Construction / Additions
Tenant Improvements * $
Construction Contingency *
Furniture and Fixtures $
Architectural and Engineering Fees * $
Environmental Remediation * $
Appraisal / Market Study * $
Permits and Fees * $
Marketing Costs $
Leasing Commissions $
Insurance * $
Accounting and Tax Credit Cost Certification * $
Legal Fees * $
Preservation Consultant * $
Tax Credit Fees * $
Other Soft Costs $
Soft Cost Contingency $
Financing Fees * $
Construction Period Interest * $
Operating Reserve $
Lease-Up Reserve $
Developer fee * $
Other - QRE: * $
Other - QRE: * $
Other - non-QRE: $
Other - non-QRE: $
Other - non-QRE: $
Total Development Costs n/a
Total Estimated Qualified Rehab Expenditures n/a
Federal Credits Generated: (select credit type above) n/a

Equity To The Project, Net of Transaction Costs:
*Calculation based on price of $.98. Actual pricing varies on a deal by deal basis


Tell Us About Your Project

If you would like us to contact you about this project, please complete the form below. All the project information you have provided above will be sent to us for review.

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Property Address
Zip Code
Census Tract Number (if available)

Project Totals From Above

Total Development Costs
Total Estimated Qualified Rehab Expenditures
Federal Credits Granted
Equity To the Project, Net of Transaction Costs
Brief Project Description:
(historic use of property, planned use, financing status, eligibility for New Markets Tax Credits, status of federal historic tax credit application.)
Project Timeline:
(expected dates for construction period, placement in service, receipt of financing, etc.)

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